The Best Gaming Monitor to Choose for Playing on the PS5

The Best Gaming Monitor to Choose for Playing on the PS5

Gaming on a screen monitor is essential, regardless of whether you play games on a computer or a console. Put away your 4K television since it does not even provide a refresh rate that is greater than 120 hertz. It is very necessary to have a monitor screen for your Playstation 5 if you want to get the absolute most out of its graphical capabilities.

You are cordially invited to start reading our in-depth analysis of the top gaming monitors for your PS5 as soon as possible.

Things to Know Before Choosing a Monitor for the PS5

  1. The PlayStation 5 can achieve a maximum resolution of 4K at a refresh rate of 120Hz. You will need to spend more than three thousand euros on a television in order to take benefit of this resolution as well as the visual fluidity it provides. A 4k computer screen display that runs at 120 Hz is much more affordable.
  2. It is now possible to play console games everywhere thanks to the availability of portable 4K displays that are extremely simple to transport.

Comparison of the Best PS5 Gaming Monitors

We have identified the top five gaming monitors that are currently available for use with the PlayStation 5 (PS5).

Gaming Monitor Models Dimension Resolution Refreshment
ASUS ROG XG438Q 43 inch 4K 120Hz
BenQ EW3270U 31.5-inch 4K 60Hz
ACER Nitro XV273K 27 inch 4K 144 Hz
BENQ EW3280U 32 inch 4K 60Hz
Samsung Odyssey G7 32 inch 2K 240 Hz

1. ASUS ROG XG438Q: the most expensive monitor on the market

Best Gaming Monitor ASUS ROG XG438Q


This Republic Of Gamer Strix XG438Q monitor, which is manufactured by ASUS and comes from the company’s collection of Republic Of Gamer products, has gained a lot of attention due to its features and particularly its cost. This monitor’s measurements are 24.2 x 97.5 x 63 cm, which converts to a width of 43 inches. It retails for a price of 1,199.99.

The combination of its 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) and its anti-reflective screen results in a picture that is of the highest calibre. The ultra-quick refresh rate of this display, which is 120Hz, ensures that the visuals are always clear and undistorted, no matter how fast the action is moving. This model was designed by ASUS with HDR technologies, including DisplayHDR 600 and Radeon FreeSync 2 HDR, so that it can produce pictures with colours that are unparalleled.

Both of its 10W speakers will be used to provide the sound effects. This ROG Strix XG438Q model’s high level of quality is ensured by the simplicity and understated elegance of its design. You may mount the screen on the wall, which will offer you with a higher level of visual comfort. This is an ergonomic and practical solution. This gaming monitor’s RGB lighting system on the rear is compatible with both ASUS Aura Sync and VESA, so you won’t have any trouble using it with either of those standards.

When it comes to connection, the company gives its users a number of different alternatives to choose from. Both the HDMI connector and the display port on the screen provide for the possibility of connecting more devices to it. It includes a remote control with the package.

Advantages of the ASUS ROG XG438Q Gaming Monitor Disadvantages of the ASUS ROG XG438Q Gaming Monitor
Simplistic and sober design High price
Image resolution in 4K HDR Very fragile device
Very good image quality Respect of a distance between the screen and the user
43 inch widescreen
Built-in 2 x 10W speakers
Accurate colors and contrasts
Multiple connectivity ports

2. BenQ EW3270U: its 31.5 inches appeal to gamers

Best Gaming Monitor BenQ EW3270U

BenQ EW3270U

Because of its VA panel, which provides superior contrast and enhanced brightness, the BENQ EW3270U is a monitor that has gained a lot of traction among gamers. Gamers who like to play in a dark room or at night will find this screen to be an excellent choice. The rate of refresh is set at 60 Hz.

Two embedded speakers with a total power output of 2.5 watts each provide high-quality sound effects and complement the contemporary style. On the screen, there are three different preset settings for you to choose from: cinema, pop/live, and voice. You may customise the mode so that it best suits your needs. This 31.5-inch monitor has support for HDR mode in addition to its high definition Ultra-HD LED display.

The new Brightness Intelligence Plus and Eye Care technology from Apple automatically adjusts the display’s brightness as well as the colour temperature to improve the user’s visual comfort and reduces the amount of blue light. This BENQ gamer screen’s connecting options include three HDMI 2.0 ports, a DPI.2 connector, a USB-C port, and a Display Port port, allowing you to connect it to your PS5 console and other devices.

Advantages of the BenQ EW3270U Gaming Monitor Disadvantages of the BenQ EW3270U Gaming Monitor
Good value for money Poor quality backlight
Modern design Poor finish quality
Good image quality
Good sound quality
Innovative Eye Care and Brightness Intelligence Plus technologies
Multiple Connectivity
OSD menu in 18 languages

3. ACER Nitro XV273K: impeccable quality for a 27-inch screen

Best Gaming Monitor ACER Nitro XV273K

ACER Nitro XV273K

This monitor gives a high quality picture to provide you with an unparalleled visual experience. It has a screen that is 27 inches in size and a resolution of 4K Ultra-HD. The ACER brand provides it to us in the form of its Nitro XV273K model. It has a refresh rate of 144 Hz, and with its visual Reaction Boost mode, it has a rapid response time of 1 millisecond, which enables you to experience fluidity when you are playing video games.

When compared to other models, this gaming monitor offers exceptional value for the money spent and is still quite inexpensive overall. This screen has an ergonomic design that allows you to tilt it from -5 degrees to 20 degrees, giving you complete control over the viewing angle. It has a height that may be adjusted by 10 centimetres. And to safeguard your eyes, Blue Light Shield and Flickerless technologies will shield you from the harmful effects of blue light and prevent eye strain from extended usage.

A framework has been built to go all the way around the casing to shield the panel from light coming from the outside and cut down on reflections. It is sometimes referred to as a “shield.” This screen provides you with four USB 3.2 connections, an HDMI connector, and a Display Port so that you may connect it to your console and other accessories. The user will have the opportunity to take full use of the dynamic contrast of 100M:1 and the brightness of 400 CD/m2, which will enable him to play in the best settings that are now available.

Advantages of the ACER Nitro XV273K Gaming Monitor Disadvantages of the ACER Nitro XV273K Gaming Monitor
Good value for money Poor quality backlight
Good image quality
4K Ultra HD resolution
Smooth images
Ergonomic design, with shields
Adjustable tilt and height
Eye protection system
Limited blue lights
Multiple Connectivity
Good brightness
3 preset picture modes

4. BENQ EW3280U: an ideal monitor for playing PlayStation 5

Best Gaming Monitor BENQ EW3280U


The EW3280U model from the BENQ brand manages to captivate our attention once again. Enjoy excellent image quality with 4K Ultra-HD resolution and 95% DCI-P3 colour gamut on its 32-inch screen, which has been extended to 16:9 aspect ratio. Both the IPS panel and the VESA Display HDR 400 will provide you with vibrant and brilliant colours, and the VESA Display HDR 400 will provide you with outstanding contrast—both of which are crucial criteria for gamers.

The screen brightness on this monitor may be automatically optimised and adjusted thanks to the monitor’s clever sensor. These are designed to provide an immersive experience with high-quality sound and are equipped with two speakers that are built right in. 3 preset settings are available: Cinema, Pop/Live/Voice. The mode that is most suited to the user’s needs may be selected by the user.

This monitor has Eye-Care technology, which allows for more comfortable viewing even during extended periods of usage by reducing the amount of blue light emitted and eye strain caused by seeing images on the screen. This screen has two HDMI ports, one DisplayPort connector, a USB type-C input, and a 3.5 mm audio jack for communication. It also comes with a remote control for controlling the screen’s functions.

Advantages of the BENQ EW3280U Gaming Monitor Disadvantages of the BENQ EW3280U Gaming Monitor
Good image quality Average sound quality
4K Ultra HD resolution HDMI 2.1 connectivity required
32 inch dimensions
Good color quality and contrast
Smart ambient light sensor
Visual protection technology
Built-in speakers
Comes with a remote control
Multiple Connectivity

5. Samsung Odyssey G7: a curved gaming monitor for PS5

Best Gaming Monitor Samsung Odyssey G7

Samsung Odyssey G7

As we get to the end of our roundup of the finest displays for the PS5, Samsung unveils their curved 32-inch monitor. Because of its curved form, the Odyssey G7 model will make you feel as if you are really a part of the game. The 1000R curvature of this model was developed to provide increased visual comfort and to reduce user fatigue. This Samsung monitor has a QELED display and a resolution of 1440p, making it very fluid.

It has a reaction time of 1 millisecond and a refresh rate of 240 hertz. HDR 600 is built into this panel so that it can display even the finest of picture details for you. Gaming sessions will last much longer thanks to compatibility with NVIDIA G-Sync and FreeSync Premium Pro support. A remarkable visual experience is in store for you on this screen. The design of this model was conceptualised by Samsung in a setting that is futuristic, and it has a finish that is detailed and exact. In addition, the company offers five different futuristic colour options that may be used to modify the back of the screen.

If you want to improve the ergonomics of your workspace, you may mount this screen on the wall so that it takes up less room on your desk. On the other hand, this screen is equipped with a base that enables it to be swivelled or tilted according to whatever position is most comfortable for you. Additionally, the height of the stand may be adjusted. The Odyssey G7 is equipped with ports for HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB 3.0, allowing you to connect your various devices and peripherals.

Advantages of the Samsung Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitor Disadvantages of the Samsung Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitor
Futuristic design No sound equipment
Very good finish
5 colors to choose from for the back of the screen
Immersion in the game with its curved design
QLED display, 1440p resolution
High quality image with details
Reduction of visual fatigue
Wall fixation
Tilt and height adjustable stand

A Purchasing Guide for Choosing a Monitor for the PS5

Now that you have been provided with an overview of the top PC gamer displays for PS5, we will provide you with a little bit more guidance on the features to look for in a pc monitor that will be utilised to play on your preferred gaming console.

Before we begin our purchasing advice, we would want to address a few points about the positives and negatives of using a computer monitor with the PlayStation 5.

The disadvantages of the monitor when playing on the PS5

  1. Due to the absence of HDMI 2.1, the majority of gaming displays are unable to offer the maximum performance of your PS5, which is 120 hertz (120 frames per second) for 4K. There exist, however the going rate for a 120 Hz screen that can display at 4k resolution for the PS5 is now over 500 euros. (over the following several years, the pricing should become more affordable.)
  2. The TV has superior sized panels for you to play on if you want to compete on bigger than 50-inch displays while you play video games. PC displays typically measure 30 inches but may be as tiny as 24 inches. On the other hand, ultrawide gaming monitors with a screen size of up to 49 inches are available nowadays.
  3. The possession of a 4k 120 Hz screen for your personal computer does not guarantee that all of the games on your PlayStation 5 will be compatible with these resolutions.

The Resolution of your Gaming Monitor

When we want to make an investment in a gamer screen for our PlayStation 5, one of the primary features that is of the utmost importance to us is the screen resolution. In point of fact, she is the one who decides the maximum number of pixels that your screen is capable of displaying with games that are compatible with it. This is what will give you a sense of ease in your vision.

Having said that, it is important to not just concentrate on this facet. Although we will circle back to this topic at a later time, the refresh rate is an essential component to consider.

We differentiate between three distinct sorts of resolutions :

  1. Full HD
  2. QHD or WHD
  3. 4K

1. Full HD gaming Display

These PS5 monitors are more affordable than the others; nonetheless, the screen quality is just enough for gaming, and even the most experienced players’ retinas will not be delighted by their maximum resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080). Users using a regular PC will be left wanting, but those playing on a PS5 console will be satisfied. Additionally, it would be a shame to have such a powerful home console and not make use of it in any way possible. It’s probably best to stick with the PS4 Pro.

2. QHD or WQHD Resolution

In our opinion, this is the lowest resolution that should be used while playing PS5 games on computer displays in order to get the most out of the console’s graphical capabilities. The screen on the computer has a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels, expressed in pixels. It is the well-known HD 1440p that is beginning to become more prevalent in a variety of settings. In any event, this is the bare minimum that a gamer screen for the PS5 should offer in order to provide the best possible gaming pleasure.

3. Monitor Screens in 4K

You’ve got the money, and you want to take advantage of the excellent performance of your PS5; what are you waiting for? Consequently, can you see yourself switching over to the finest 4K gaming pc screen? Your gaming experience will be at its absolute pinnacle when you use these computer monitors since they allow you to watch the highest possible resolution on your console. 4K video has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and is a visual treat.

Refresh Rate of your Gaming Monitor

When it comes to gaming, the majority of players will agree with the statement that having a high framerate is more significant than having a high resolution, and they aren’t incorrect about this. When playing a game at a low resolution but with good fluidity, it is bearable; but, when playing a game at a high resolution but with stuttering or latency, it is quite annoying. See how important it is to have a decent refresh rate?

The number of frames that are shown on your computer monitor per second is referred to as the scan rate (in Hz, FPS or IPS). The traditional method of expressing it will be in hertz (Hz), which may be found in the technical specifications of your Playstation 5 screen.

We strongly recommend that you play video games on a display that has a refresh rate of at least 120 hertz (Hz), since this is the standard for fluidity in most games. This will allow you to take full use of the capabilities of your console. Be aware that above 144 hertz, your eye cannot tell the difference, and that the lowest frequency of fluidity that can be tolerated is 30 hertz.

Response Time

Two factors will combine to define the reaction time, also known as the latency time :

  1. If you play games online, your connection to the internet.
  2. Your display for the PlayStation 5 game system.

We will leave the management of your connection up to you. Be aware, however, that the reaction time of your PS5 display is directly correlated to how well you will do in games. The smaller the response time, the better.

The amount of time that passes between when you push a key and when the corresponding action is shown on the screen is referred to as latency. You are aware that an unplayable game is the result of a reaction time that is too high. Because of this, we strongly suggest that you invest in a PC gamer monitor that has a latency of 5 milliseconds or less, at the very least. This is much more important to keep in mind if your primary objective in your games is not outstanding performance but rather an unsurpassed level of playing comfort.

Which panel should you choose for your PS5 monitor?

The iceberg’s side that is always submerged is called the slab. The quality of the product may be determined by looking at what’s going on behind the scenes. Because of this, it is essential that you have a solid comprehension of the gamer screen tiles in order to determine what it is that you want and choose the most suitable computer monitors for the PS5.

TN Panels for the Most Classic

The market is flooded with TN panels, which are the most prevalent kind of screen panel. The low refresh rate and poor visual quality of these monitors make them less than ideal for gaming, despite the fact that they are quite inexpensive.

There is no use in making the investment in a PS5 monitor with this sort of screen if you want to use it for gaming or for your PS5.

IPS Panels for a Resplendent Monitor

IPS panels have a larger latency time than TN panels, however the trade-off is that they offer a better resolution and picture quality. TN panels have a lower latency time. IPS panels are perfect for you if you are a gamer who places a strong emphasis on the visuals of the games you play.

VA Tiles for Those Who Can’t Decide

For gamers seeking for an ambidextrous PC monitor for PS5, it is the ideal balance between TN panels and IPS panels, since it has a larger latency time than IPS but a little lower resolution.

OLED Panels for a Perfect Portable Monitor

If you are interested in excellent picture quality and have the financial means to support it, you may want to consider purchasing QLED panels. This is because these panels are related to a 4K resolution, which we discussed before. What are the benefits of using these PS5 screens? The colorimetry is impeccable, bringing the quality and brightness of all of the most breathtaking visuals a gamer could ever want to see to a stunning 4K level.

However, you need to exercise caution since these computer displays are very delicate and pricey. It would be a waste not to make use of the opportunity, wouldn’t it?


FAQ PS5 Gaming Monitor

Now that we’ve gone over the primary considerations that will allow you to choose the best gaming monitor for your PS5 requirements, we’re going to answer a number of questions that come up frequently. This will ensure that you have all the information you need to select the computer monitor of your dreams.

How do you Choose your Screen Size When Playing on a Console?

Both the screen resolution and the screen size of your PlayStation 5 should be taken into consideration. It is easy to see how foolish it would be to leave on a 4K gaming screen if the size of your display is quite limited. If you choose a screen that is too big in comparison to the resolution of your device, the resulting picture will be fuzzy and of low quality. The converse, however, is even more accurate. We are in agreement that no console or PC player would desire that.

Inches, which indicate the diagonal measurement of your screen, are used to determine the size of your computer monitor. If you want a very huge PS5 monitor, you can get one that’s up to 85 inches long since the resolution of 4K improves with increasing screen size. You will be limited to monitors with lesser screen sizes, ranging from 15 to 32 inches, if you want a portable display; yet, a 32-inch screen is already very large for a gamer.

In any case, make sure that the resolution is appropriate for the size of the screen. For example, if the screen is 15 inches and the resolution is 4K, you shouldn’t use an 85-inch monitor.

What Budget should you Consider for a Gamer Screen for the PS5?

We are aware that computer equipment, particularly if it is used for gaming, may very rapidly become quite costly. This is a challenge for people of all financial means. Tell yourself that the computer game screen will last you a long time and will back your investment one hundred times over. This will help you feel more confident about your purchase.

As a result, we strongly suggest that you begin your search for a PC monitor for PS5 with a minimum budget of 300 Euros. Do not have the expectation that you will be able to play in 4K 120hz QLED at this price since in order to do so, you would need no less than 1000€. This is the cost of having high-quality products and excellent performance. In any case, it is essential to evaluate your gaming demands in order to get the Playstation 5 gaming monitor that is suitable for you, taking into account your financial constraints.

A Flat or Curved Screen to Play on?

A curved screen for gamers is the best option to go with if you are seeking for intensity and immersion since this style of screen considerably increases the field of view. The greater the size, the better! We strongly suggest that you go for a monitor that has a screen size of at least 30 inches. On the other hand, you should be aware that the price will be somewhat more than that of a conventional flat screen.

LED or LCD Display?

If you are looking for a cheap motherboard that is compatible with AMD CrossFireX, the Phantom Gaming 4 is your best option. Because it has a Full Cover M.2 heat sink, your motherboard will be able to withstand extended periods of operation without becoming overheated. You will be able to improve the performance of your gaming PC and take advantage of the remarkable data transfer speed provided by the third generation of Ryzen processors thanks to its two NVMe SSD connections.

Finally, the ASRock Polychrome RGB technology allows you to tailor your configuration via the use of three different LED connections. When you look at several examples of computer screens, you could notice that some of them are:

  1. LED
  2. LCD

These are the two names given to the sort of bulb that is present in your game screen and which is responsible for the formation of the pixels on it.

LED panels are designed to be more energy efficient than their LCD counterparts, despite the fact that LED screens cost more than their LCD equivalents.

As a result, LCD displays are now more affordable, despite their much higher energy consumption in comparison to LEDs.

We strongly suggest that you opt with an LED gamer screen because of the wider range of colours it offers and the higher picture quality it provides overall.

Why not go on TV?

There is no correct response to this question. As was said earlier, gamers who are interested in a PC monitor for console gaming choose to play their games from their desktop computers in order to centralise their gaming setup.

There is nothing that, by itself, prohibits you from going on a television, and this is particularly true when you consider the fact that you can enjoy 4K 120hz, which is not now available on PS5 monitors. In comparison to a computer monitor, however, you should be prepared to empty your savings account.

The comfort of your gaming chair next to your desktop computer or the comfort of your couch in front of your console is the option that a gamer must make.

Are all PC Screens Compatible with the PS5?

Please be aware that not all personal computer displays are compatible with your console. Because of this, we will only be discussing gamer screens in this post, which are designed specifically for use with your PlayStation 5.

Picking any gaming monitors won’t work. Your PlayStation 5 comes with simply an HDMI 2.0 connector for making the connection to the television. If your computer screen does not have HDMI connection but rather VGA connectivity, then you can probably assume that you will see a red image.

Because of this, it is essential that you choose a PC monitor that is stated compatible with PS5, even if adapters must exist, which will result in a reduction in picture quality.

Can I Play Keyboard and Mouse on the PS5?

After giving some thought to and maybe making a purchase of a computer display for your PS5, you may be tempted to want to round off your gaming setup with a keyboard and mouse combination that players find useful while playing MMOs or first-person shooters.

You may play video games on your PS5 console using a gaming keyboard, a gaming mouse, or you can use the controller instead. Both options are perfectly viable.

Am I Likely to have Compatibility Issues?

Because of the variety of game types that are represented by the concept of using a high-resolution gamer screen to play on your PS5, one might wonder if there is not a chance that we will be confronted with the unfavourable discovery that our gamer monitor is not compatible after we have already made the purchase.

To begin, and as we addressed it just a moment ago in response to question 4, not all computer gaming displays are compatible with your PS5. You have to use a PlayStation 5 display for your system, and because such monitors only come with HDMI 2.0 connectors, you can probably guess how difficult it will be to find a screen that is compatible with the PlayStation 5 if it does not have this connection.

However, it is possible that the settings of your gamer screen are not optimal for you. If this is the case, you should not be afraid to adjust its settings (such as brightness, sharpness, contrast, colorimetry, and so on) in order to get the optimal conditions for gaming.

What Type of Connectors do PS5 Screens use?

As was just said up there, the sort of connection known as HDMI 2.0 is the one that should be preferred. It is just this connection that can be made to your PS5, and as a result, you need to have it shown on the screen of your PS5.

If you decide to use an older HDMI cable that you previously purchased or dug out of the back of the closet, you run the risk of having screen output that irritates the eyes. It’s possible that the technology of the cable is not robust enough to show through the high resolution and frequency of scanning that comes from your PS5 console, which is a shame.

On the other hand, you could be tempted to opt with an HDMI 2.1 cable because you believe that this would provide you with the best picture quality available. This is not necessarily the case.

Do not, under any circumstances, make this beginner’s error since the only thing you will wind up with is a PS5 that is attached to a gamer screen that simply sends you a blank screen.

Which is not anything that is useful for gaming.

Therefore, you need to exercise extreme caution while choosing the suitable connection for the screen of your PS5 PC, which is HDMI 2.0.

Is there an Interest in Having Several Gaming Screens?

Because you’ve asked this question, we’re going to assume that you’re interested in more complicated gaming setups with two, three, or even four monitors (in fact, the possibilities are endless). These configurations with multiple gamer screens are ideal for completely submerging yourself in a specific game if you also make an investment in immersion equipment such as a cabin or a dynamic gaming chair, which transforms your game into a realistic simulation and allows you to experience the game as if it were happening in real life.

In any case, accomplishing this goal on your PS5 is not out of the question. You will, however, need to purchase an adapter with HDMI ports in order to connect all of the cables. This will allow you to connect all of your computer displays and ensure that you have access to the visual output and audio output of your PS5 console.

Be sure, though, that your computer’s CPU and graphics card are able to manage the amount of display you want to use. In point of fact, it would be a waste of resources to make use of a twin monitor setup that included high-definition gamer displays on a game that had a refresh rate that was just average.

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