How to Delete a Story from Instagram

How to delete a story from Instagram

You often use Instagram, and after seeing the popularity of the photographs and videos posted in stories, you have also made the decision to produce some material for this particular area of the social media platform. But after you had, you realised you had made a mistake, therefore you now need to know how to take down the article you had placed.

No problem: if that’s the situation and you’re wondering how to delete a story on Instagram, I can help. In fact, in the following paragraphs, I’ll walk you through the process step by step from both a smartphone and a PC. If it helps, I’ll also demonstrate how to remove a highlighted tale, a narrative that is being published, or a story that is having trouble loading.

So? Are you prepared to begin? Yup? Perfect, now settle down and take a few minutes of your leisure time to follow the directions I’ll give you in a moment. You’ll notice that you achieve in your goal swiftly and without much effort. I can only wish you a nice read and luck with everything else at this point.

How to delete a story from Instagram

How to delete a story from Instagram

As expected, you may remove a story from Instagram utilising the PC, Android (also accessible on other shops), and iOS social network apps (using the official Instagram site or the Windows application ). See a complete explanation below.

How to delete stories from Instagram on Android and iOS

If needed, log into your account before deleting an Instagram story using the social network app. Go to your profile area, click on your profile photo, and then touch the (…) button in the article you just published’s bottom right corner. Then, in the choice that displays, choose Delete, and then select it again to ensure that the history has been deleted.

Within 24 hours following deletion, you may retrieve deleted and unarchived stories if you change your mind. To accomplish this, go to Your activity > Recently deleted, click the (…) icon, and then twice choose the Restore option.

The Instagram stories you post are only visible on your profile for 24 hours before they are automatically stored in this area of the social network if you enable the Archive option. In order to remove a story that is currently archived on Instagram, access it (first by pressing the menu icon located at the top of your profile screen and then on the item relating to the archive ). Then click the (…) symbol at the bottom right of the screen, followed by the Erase button, to delete the selected tale.

Once you confirm, you’re done. Since this is an old article, you have 30 days to reconsider it and restore it as I previously indicated to you (therefore acting from the Recently deleted section , in the Your activity screen).

How to delete stories from Instagram on PC

Would you want to learn how Instagram, operating as a computer, deletes a story? Connect to the social network’s official website or use the Instagram app for Windows 10/11 in this scenario, and log in to your account. At this point, the steps you need to follow are the same.

Start by visiting your profile page and clicking on your photo to see the narrative you submitted. In the menu that opens, click twice on the Delete button after clicking the (…) symbol in the top right corner.

If you wish to remove an archived story, continue by following the steps I’ve provided for the Instagram app for Android and iOS since the Instagram Archive section is not available from the web or the app for Windows.

How to Delete an Instagram Posting Story

You made a mistake when making a story, therefore you’d want to know how to remove it from Instagram before it goes live. In this instance, you must utilise the Instagram app to go further since creating stories is a function exclusive to mobile devices.

It’s really simple to accomplish this: when on the screen for Instagram stories, just click the icon in the top left corner, confirm the action (by clicking the Delete button), and you’re done.

How to delete an Instagram story that won’t load

Are you attempting to submit a story on Instagram but are unable to do so because of a poor internet connection? If this is the case, you shouldn’t panic since it’s quite easy to delete an Instagram story that hasn’t loaded; you just need to do it via the posting page.

Before touching the Delete button twice, first hit the symbol (…) that you may see in conjunction with the error message Upload failed. Is it any simpler than that?

How to delete a story highlight on Instagram

Do you want to remove an Instagram story highlight? If so, you’ll be glad to hear that you may continue using both the PC and the social network app.

Hit the highlighted story folder to function as a smartphone. Once you’ve found the highlighted story you want to remove, press the (…) symbol at the bottom. Finally, click the option that says “Remove from featured story” and then confirm the action. Instead, hold down the button Delete the highlighted story while selecting all the tales you wish to remove from the folder at once.

From a computer, the process is comparable and as straightforward, but you can only manually delete the highlighted articles one at a time. To do this, click on the highlighted story folder and hit the (…) symbol next to the item that needs to be deleted. Finally, repeatedly hit the Delete key twice. Simple, right?

How to delete a story reaction on Instagram

You unintentionally submitted a Reaction in response to an Instagram story, and you’re now wondering how to get rid of that.

You must understand that the only course of action in this situation is to remove the offending mail, which the receiver may have already seen.

Go to the private messages area of Instagram on your smartphone (the cartoon symbol) and choose the private message that contains the response you just sent to cancel sending it. When you’re finished, touch and hold your finger on the response and choose Cancel sending from the option that displays.

On the other hand, when the message with the incorrect response is shown on a computer, click on the button (…) next to it and then repeatedly hit the Cancel sending key.

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