How to see Whatsapp Username

How to see Whatsapp Username

Currently, you have “abandoned” SMS and mostly utilise instant messaging applications, most notably WhatsApp, to communicate with your pals. You would want to know how to see the WhatsApp username since you made your account on this platform a while ago and don’t recall precisely what name you choose to show to your contacts. I don’t know what the issue is, but if you need assistance, I’m here to provide it.

In reality, I want to teach you how to check your WhatsApp name and, if necessary, alter it in this lesson I’m giving you today. I’ve previously told you that it’s a very easy procedure to carry out: simply go into your account settings, find the section relating to the change of name, and, if required, delete the one that is presently set to establish a new one. So that you have all the information you need, I’ll also teach you how to display other people’s names.

Before we get started, I want to make it clear that WhatsApp does not enable you to have a genuine username, in contrast to other instant messaging systems (like Telegram). The username I mention in the book is, in reality, the name that contacts use to identify themselves in conversations. After setting up this foundation, I believe we can now go forward. Let’s stop talking and get started! Enjoy your reading and be happy!

How to Find Out What Your WhatsApp Username Is

You just need to go to the relevant part of the service settings to view your WhatsApp username. Continue reading to get the specifics. You can really find instructions for moving forward on an Android, iPhone, and PC below.

Regarding potential changes, please in mind that the username may only be a maximum of 25 characters long.

How to see your WhatsApp username on Android

Launch the WhatsApp software on your Android smartphone first if you want to learn how to view the username in WhatsApp on that device. In order to find your name shown at the top of the screen, hit the button in the upper right corner and then choose Settings from the menu that displays.

By tapping on the username you’ve chosen in the screen above, selecting the pencil icon next to the Name field under your profile picture, entering a new username in the corresponding text field, and then touching the word Save to confirm your changes, which will be made immediately, you can change it if you’d like.

How to see your WhatsApp username on iPhones

Launching the WhatsApp app on your phone is the first thing you must do if you are using an iPhone and want to view the WhatsApp username.

As soon as you press on the Settings menu item in the bottom right corner of the WhatsApp main screen, your name will appear at the top of the screen.

The username may be changed by pressing on it on the screen above, entering a new one in the text box next to the profile image, and then hitting the word Done, which is situated at the top to the right, to confirm the changes, which will be effective right away.

How to see your WhatsApp username on Computer

If you want to see the WhatsApp username on your computer, I’m here to let you know that the steps are the same whether you’re using WhatsApp Web, the popular instant messaging service’s browser extension, or the service app for Windows and macOS. In all circumstances, open WhatsApp or WhatsApp Web on your computer first.

When the service’s home page displays, choose the Settings option from the menu that pops up by pressing the icon (on Windows and WhatsApp Web) or the icon () at the top left of the chat list. Your name will then be shown at the top of the next screen, next to your profile picture.

The username may then be changed by clicking on it, selecting the pencil icon in the Your name box, entering the new value in the relevant text field, and pressing the symbol () to save the changes, which will take effect right away.

In addition to what I’ve just said, you can immediately click on your picture in the WhatsApp screen’s top left corner to visit the area where you may see and modify your username.

How to see a contact’s name on WhatsApp

Do you have any questions about how to see a contact’s name on WhatsApp? Read on if so. Below are instructions on how to accomplish it from an iPhone, an Android device, a PC, and more. But don’t worry—doing it is really easy.

Keep in mind, however, that before continuing, the reference contact must not have been stored in the address book in order for the username of others to be accessible. If this is already present in the contacts, delete it temporarily before continuing by following the directions in my guide on the topic, and then put it back afterward by following the instructions in my other lesson.

How to see WhatsApp contact names on Android

To find out someone else’s WhatsApp username on an Android device, launch the app first, then select the Chat tab by tapping the relevant item at the top, then choose the conversation involving your contact of interest (if you’re having trouble finding it, try tapping the magnifying glass icon at the top right and using the Search field that appears).

Tap on the contact’s phone number and profile picture after starting a conversation with them. The username will appear on the next page with the account’s full-screen image.

Keep in mind that the username has been removed from the above section in more recent versions of WhatsApp, so if you use that version, you might not be able to view it as I just mentioned. If that is the case, I’m sorry to inform you that there aren’t any workarounds available at this time for Android.

How to see WhatsApp contact names on iPhones

If you use an iPhone and need to view a contact’s username on WhatsApp, open the app, navigate to the Chat section by selecting the relevant item near the bottom, and then choose the conversation involving the contact you’re interested in (if you can’t find it, use the Search place field at the top to help you find it).

When the chat window for the person you’re interested in opens, touch on the phone number. On the Contact details page, you’ll see the username that the contact has chosen just below their contact information (at the top).

How to see WhatsApp contact names on Computer

If you’re using WhatsApp from a computer and want to see a contact’s username, launch the desktop app for PC or Mac or log in to WhatsApp Web, then choose the conversation involving the person of interest from the list on the left (if you still can’t find it, use the search field at the top to help you find it).

The contact’s selected username may be found in the Contact Info screen, which is shown below, once you click on the phone number (above), after the chat has been started (at the top).

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