LG M3: a new wall-mountable TV line?

LG M3 a new wall-mountable TV line

The M series would be the name of the next lineup of TVs that LG will produce. This would be similar to Samsung’s One Connect box in that it would take use of the same capabilities that the G series is known for.

The Consumer Electronics Show 2023 is drawing near! The Las Vegas show has returned, and with with it comes a new round of announcements covering a wide range of topics. We are already aware, for instance, that Nvidia plans to debut its latest graphics card there; nevertheless, not only can we anticipate a lot of new features from LG, but there are also a few surprises in store for us.

New LG TVs

New LG television models are often introduced at the American high mass. We learn about the LG G and C series, which are the brand’s flagships, as well as the LG G3, which already seems to be quite promising. AVCesar does, however, predict that this version will have one more surprise.

The M series is a new line from the Korean company, according to the specialist media. The LG OLED 77M3, LG OLED 83M3, and LG OLED 97M3, three panels with a respective diagonal of 77 inches (195 cm), 83 inches (210 cm), and 97 inches, would be available in 2023. (246 cm).

A Samsung One Connect Competitor

According to AVCesar, the main distinction of this new line would be the inclusion of a remote connection in a wireless box. This makes it possible to significantly minimise the amount of cables that need to travel through a trunking when the TV is mounted on the wall, similar to the One Connect box seen on select Samsung TV models. Since some of the electronics are in an external box, the television can usually be improved.

But in this case, the style should be the same as the LG G3. But take care: the M3 shouldn’t profit from the G3’s primary uniqueness! The LG M3 would not include MLA technology (Micro Lenses Array) to increase its brightness, in contrast to the latter. Be aware, however, because speculations claim that the LG G3’s 55, 65, and 77-inch variants will be the only ones to offer this innovation. Therefore, the 83 and 97 inch versions would be comparable across ranges.

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