LG OLED C2 48-inch 4K TV

LG OLED C2 48-inch 4K TV

LG was the first company to launch OLED TVs under 50 inches a few years ago, without sacrificing the visual quality or power of these displays. A excellent example is the OLED48C2 model, which has a diagonal measurement of 48 inches and is now available for 899 euros instead of 1,199 euros at Rue du Commerce.

Before 2020, OLED TVs smaller than 50 inches were impossible to get. When LG unveiled the first 48-inch OLED TV, they completely transformed the game. The South Korean company subsequently introduced ever more effective ranges over time, always comprising references fitted with tiny tiles. We can find the OLED48C2 model, which, despite its tiny size, packs a lot of power, in the C2 series, which is notable for including some of the greatest 4K OLED TVs available.

Powerful Points of the LG OlED48c2 TV

  1. 48-inch OLED display
  2. an efficient Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor
  3. Allows for four HDMI 2.1 connectors and [email protected]

The LG OLED48C2 TV, which cost 1,199 euros when it was first unveiled, is currently being sold at Rue du Commerce for 899 euros.

A Quality OLED Screen and Perfect Finishes

The OLED48C2 model that is being presented here is no exception to LG’s practise of maintaining the finishes of its TVs. We will still be entitled to a television with clean lines, fitted with extremely thin boundaries that are almost invisible, allowing us to give the “picture” a genuinely prominent location, even if its design does not significantly differ from the previous iteration. But the industrial design of this reference, which makes use of a composite fibre frame to lighten the weight of the complete television, is what most distinguishes it from those of the C1 series.

This TV’s 48-inch OLED screen, which guarantees excellent picture quality with the deep blacks and endless contrasts we are entitled to anticipate from this technology, remains one of its main advantages. Only negative: because to an excessively high pixel density, the 48-inch version does not share the enhanced brightness of the C2 series models.

A Tenfold Power

As usual, LG is eager to add more powerful CPUs to its most current TV models. The Alpha 9 Gen 5 CPU, which offers more effective 4K upscaling for the material presented and a degree of detail significantly greater than that of the previous generation, is therefore included in the OLED48C2 reference.

The TV is also compatible with the greatest video standards, including HDR, HDR10, and Dolby Vision IQ, a development of traditional Dolby Vision that will adjust the picture to your surroundings, whether it is day or night, for a better perception of fine details. On the audio front, a Dolby Atmos simulation will be helpful for a highly expansive and immersive sound that is dispersed around the space.

Gaming hasn’t been abandoned

The LG OLED48C2 TV is made for gamers who possess a next-generation console, even though it is best suited for broadcasting shows and movies in the greatest quality. The television does indeed include 4 HDMI 2.1 connectors that support [email protected] fps. There will also be support for VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), which lowers screen tearing, and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), which significantly reduces latency by automatically switching to a mode designed for this purpose. In order to go from a virtual mix in 5.1 on the C1 range to 7.1.2 surround on the C2 range, the audio component has also been upgraded.

Last but not least, the LG OLED48C2 uses the webOS operating system and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, both of which can be called up by pressing buttons on the remote control.

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