RTX 4090: Nvidia investigates adapter overheating issues

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090

Nvidia made the decision to look into the overheating issues with the 16 pin adapter of the RTX 4090 after the publishing on Reddit of the testimony of the two concerned users. The maker claims to have been in touch with the impacted owners.

Our articles on Monday, October 24, 2022, addressed it. You may be aware that two RTX 4090 customers shared their tale of woe with Nvidia’s newest GPU on Reddit. Reggie-Gakil, the first user, submitted a picture of a brand-new, completely burned 16 pin 12VHPWR adaptor. On the board itself, you could see that the connection was broken and in some spots had melted.

After submitting this testimonial, another user on Reddit brought up same concerns. He also saw that the adaptor had been damaged when he was playing Black Desert.

NVIDIA Investigates Overheating Issues

As you would expect, these two tales circulated online and were covered by several specialist media. In response to the growing debate, Nvidia has chosen to make a formal statement. We are looking into the reports. Bryan Del Rizzo, a representative for the green team, promised our colleagues from The Verge that “We are in touch with the first owner and we will contact the other for further information.”

Remember that the RTX 3090 Ti was the graphics card that introduced Nvidia’s new 16-pin power connection. The cable is included with all models currently on the market and has been a standard with the introduction of the RTX 4090s. The 12VHPWR connection, which was initially created for the new ATX 3.0 power supply, may cause issues if it is twisted in a certain manner, according to these overheating incidents. Read power supply for 4090.

NVIDIA Investigates Overheating Issues

In fact, a recent piece in the CableMod media explained that bending the cable too closely to the connection might cause certain terminals to break off or become misaligned in the connector itself. Other wires may be subjected to an unequal load as a result, raising the possibility of overheating-related damage. The website specifically advises against bending connectors vertically or horizontally and instead advises against doing so until you are at least 35 mm away from the connection.

Please take note that the PCI-SIG Consortium stated that some implementations of the 12VHPWR connector “exhibited thermal variance, which could lead to safety issues under certain conditions” in early September 2022. The PCI-SIG Consortium is in charge of, among other things, specifying Peripheral Component Interconnect, PCI-X, and PCI Express computer buses.

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