Seven low-priced TVs for Christmas

Seven low-priced TVs for Christmas

Considering getting rid of your outdated TV? In time for Christmas, we delivered seven hits that were also good values.

Whether it’s a budget LCD or a premium OLED TV, we test them all. It gives you seven price-performance hits for each potential application area. Which fashion icons look amazing beneath the tree? Read this.

Philips 32PFS6906

The Philips is the ideal option for the bedroom, dorm, or compact apartment thanks to its 80 cm screen. It has the manufacturer-typical Ambilight and Android for a sizable streaming selection. It is outfitted like a larger one. Utilizing an antenna, cable, or satellite for TV reception. The sound and image quality are also acceptable. The Philips 32PFS6906 is available over the counter for for 269 euros, which is more than fair. By the way, out of all the 32-inch TVs we examined, the Philips 32PFS6906 won.

The ideal mobile home television is: The Reflex LDDW 24i+ is a compact monitor that runs on a 12-volt connection and has a screen diagonal of 60 centimetres. Both a satellite and an antenna are used for TV reception. It’s also feasible to stream via Amazon Prime and other services. A DVD player is also available for lengthy wet days. Here is a link to a thorough test video for the Reflex 24i+. The cost of the camper TV is 342 euros.

LG 55UQ75009LF

The inexpensive LCD TV offers voice control, but the remote control is less complicated and does not support streaming like the pricey LG versions. On the connecting side, a headphone output is the only thing lacking. When it comes to the visual, LG also does not disappoint. Although there isn’t much contrast, the colours are pure, and the viewing angles are rather consistent. Even the sound, which costs 426 euros, is functional.

Samsung GU55BU8079

With excellent clarity and organic colours, the picture quality establishes standards in this price range. Additionally, there are several streaming choices. The fairly sluggish pace of labour reflects the cheap price of 529 euros. If 55 inches are too small: There are seven sizes of the BU8079, ranging from 43 to 85 inches.


Although the LG has a casing that is from a prior model year, the technology is essentially current. As a result, it offers unmatched value for the money: excellent image quality with almost perfect colours and enormous contrast, extremely good sound, and all the necessary connectors. In any case, all LG TVs have the same streaming choices and operating system. The LG OLED55CS9LA is now available for purchase online for 949 euros.

Philips 65PUS8807

The Ambilight on the Philips makes it appear pretty attractive, and there is a lot of equipment. Applications for audio networking and adjusting for hearing loss have been added by Philips to the broad assortment of apps that Android typically offers (“Mimi”). The LCD TV’s image and audio are on par with other devices in this price range. The price of the Philips 65PUS8807 is 999 euros.

Sony XR-48A90K

The highest image and sound quality are often only available from large-screen television makers; Sony is an exception: Thanks to the OLED screen, the 121-centimeter A90K provides fantastic colours and exceptional contrast. It also functions as a loudspeaker thanks to a Sony gimmick that gives the television a crisp, realistic sound with excellent voice intelligibility. Sony’s television has access to every imaginable streaming feature thanks to Android, which serves as its operating system. The price of the Sony XR-48A90K is 1,429 euros.

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