What is the best Samsung TV to buy in 2022?

Samsung QE55S95B

Samsung is without a doubt the market leader for TVs despite intense competition. You will appreciate excellent TVs because to their QLED technology, which was created to compete with OLED. Discover the greatest Samsung TVs in our collection.

Samsung continues to be one of the industry leaders, along with LG, among the producers of TVs creating headlines. Which models in the catalogue stand out as there aren’t many of them missing? What Samsung TV should you get for your living room?

A few factors are important noting before starting a list of the top Samsung TVs. The only manufacturer without an OLED TV line up to that point was the Korean one. The company presented itself as an alternative to LG and wanted to concentrate on QLED technology. It now sells QD-OLED TVs.

Major advancements are made by the new Micro LED and NEO QLED screen models. To make it simpler to use, the TizenOS software has been updated. It’s also important to notice the introduction of Quantum Matrix technology, which provides superior brightness control. You should have a brighter light on the two indicated ranges. The business has also updated its audio design to provide a service similar to Dolby Atmos.

The Frame 2022, which are still being improved, feature an anti-reflective coating to make it easier for you to blend them with the design of your space. With GeForce Now compatibility, the Asian company is now beginning to treat cloud gaming services even more seriously. Gamers will like the addition of 144Hz refresh, Samsung Gaming Bar 2.0, and controller support for all services.

The Samsung QD-OLED TV Range

The Best Samsung TV of 2022 is The Samsung QE55S95B

Samsung QE55S95B

Samsung is now launching the much anticipated QD-OLED technology for its lineup of TVs. In contrast to the exuberance of Lifestyle TVs like The Frame, the QE55S95B has a completely clean appearance. Due to its relative thinness, the item may be easily squeezed into a TV stand.

The brightness setup is where QD-OLED technology excels. Our tests reveal that the QE55S95B is the first Samsung television model to achieve a peak brightness of over 1000 cd/m2 in this instance. The technology provides excellent picture quality and broad viewing angles. To experience the greatest features, however, some configuration adjustments are required.

The HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG formats are supported by the QD-OLED TV. However, it disregards Dolby Vision. The Samsung TV is compatible with VRR, FreeSync, and GSync for gaming. When Game mode was turned on, we also recorded an input latency of 9. 5 ms. One regret only: Dolby Vision gaming is not supported by the TV. However, it supports 144Hz refresh and Ultra HD transmissions at 120 frames per second.

The TizenOS software provides a broad variety of potential adjustments for animation that may be used on a daily basis. In general, the TV is adaptable enough to meet your demands. The remote control, which is useful despite the fact that we lament it is not lighted, deserves one last mention. Price-wise, the Samsung TV begins at 2,499 euros for a 55-inch model.

The range of Samsung QLED TVs

SAMSUNG QE55QN95A is a high-performance QLED Television


This is the Samsung QLED 4K model that is the most effective. There are four different models, ranging from 85 to 55 inches. The gold standard for Mini LED technology wants to be a formidable OLED rival. The manufacturer still has to make progress despite everything.

Unfortunately, the Smart TV works flawlessly in the other services. The panel is fully calibrated, provides the brightest brightness, and has comparable audio quality. You may benefit from its HDR10 and HDR10+ compatibility by viewing programmes, particularly on Prime Video. Dolby Vision is not yet available on the Samsung TV.

The services offered are great for both general usage and gaming. The TV does include four HDMI 2.1 ports that are perfect for connecting modern consoles.

Read our in-depth evaluation of the Samsung Neo QLED QE65GN95A if you need more convincing. The beginning price of this Samsung QLED TV is 2,299, and it increases to 5,999 euros.

Discover Samsung’s 8K TV, the QE65QN800A


The South Korean firm provides a highly ambitious interface, still using QLED technology. The QE85QN800A has an Ultra HD 8K resolution and is compatible with HDR 10+. It also has a tiny LED lighting system. There are three sizes available: 85, 75, and 65 inches. One of the few 8K capable devices on the market is the Samsung TV.

The QLED TV’s performance is consistently present. The Quantum Dots technology exhibits vibrant colour and really lovely hues. The LCD panel’s millimetric contrast control allows it to do its task flawlessly.

This makes it possible to play video games well. Four HDMI 2.1 ports are available on the Samsung Smart TV to connect one or more gaming consoles.

On LCD displays, blooming is a regular occurrence, so take caution. Although the picture won’t be entirely uniform, especially on the subtitles, excellent control of the brightness settings will enable overall modification.

The 8K QLED TV‘s price range is from 7,499 to 2,499 euros.

Samsung Lifestyle TVs

Tabular Form of the Samsung TV Frame Samsung QE65LS03B

The design ethos of Samsung’s TVs has likewise changed throughout time. The Frame TVs are an example of a design idea where the final result closely resembles a work of art. Samsung has significantly enhanced its The Frame model as of 2022. The TV supports Dolby Digital Plus, HDR 10+, QLED technology, and 4K display. Even if the cinema mode is favoured despite the video game aspect, brightness is still one of the television’s great characteristics.

The TV’s structure is undoubtedly its primary selling point. With this type, two installations are permitted. either using a tripod or, alternatively, secured to a wall using the installation equipment that is included in the package. Through a transparent cable, the connection to the One Connect box is discrete. We suggest manually correcting the colorimetry when installing your TV for the first time since it naturally leans too far toward the blues. The most accurate mode seems to be Cinema. The Tizen OS operating system is still effective and has a variety of features in place.

While it comes to consumption, it is around 150 W, for instance, when viewing a movie on Netflix. It becomes 60 W in table mode. It’s true that the presence sensor causes the picture to switch off if nobody is there in the room.

Samsung adopted a matte panel with a new, very effective anti-reflective coating compared to the 2021 model. We also mention the option of selecting hardwood frames, which have a classier look.

The Frame provides 7 distinct diagonals in sizes ranging from 32 to 85 inches.

Samsung LED TVs: Low Price

For Sale is a Samsung 50AU8075 LED TV

Samsung 50AU8075

The brand’s portfolio offers every display technology. The LED is honoured with the Crystal line of products. The Crystal UHD 50AU8075 stands out for its inexpensive pricing and high-quality display. Starting with a thin design that can seamlessly fit into a certain piece of furniture is the first step. Depending on your preferences and requirements, the manufacturer provides 7 alternative diagonals with sizes ranging from 43 to 85 inches.

As was already noted, the Crystal model uses LED display technology, which has both benefits and drawbacks. Recognize that the TV will satisfy all of your lighting requirements for content. The panel supports 4K quality, 50 Hz refresh, and HDR 10+ compatibility under technical specifications.

You will still regret having a contrast ratio that is ideal, but more so for the consequences of persistence. The Samsung Crystal UHD 55AU8075 is still a high-quality product that is ideal for those who do not want to make a significant investment.

The television’s pricing ranges from 649 euros for its 43-inch model to 2,499 euros for its 85-inch model.

How to Choose a Samsung TV?

What is the difference between QLED and OLED?

Samsung employs QLED technology for their TVs, as was already reported. The Korean firm is creating its own technology utilising the Mini LED at a time when the whole market has switched to OLED. Higher brightness, better consumption, but more importantly, greater ranges, are all positives. As you can see, the company is permitted to sell TVs with screens between 55 and 85 inches. You will need to compromise, maybe by using a less stark contrast. Above all, the television’s response may be improved compared to the competition. Samsung, however, was able to disprove our claims.

What is Mini LED?

Samsung has decided to depend on Mini LED technology for its QLED TVs. The Asian producer continuously advances technology inside its TVs to provide you with high-quality services. In order to provide you all the benefits listed above, thousands of Mini LED electrodes have been strategically arranged on the slab. They do provide more light than traditional LEDs while being smaller and more numerous. Additionally, a high level HDR will be yours to use in order to change the brightness as necessary.

What are the criteria to look for?

The first factor that determines screen size is your budget. The price of the Samsung TV increases with the diagonal. Examining certifications like HDR or Dolby Vision is also essential. This will let you get the most out of your gaming or TV-watching activities. Of course, the definition and particularly the links made are equally crucial.

Which Samsung TV model should I buy?

The Korean company provides a number of models in its portfolio, as you can see from our guide. Making a decision between quality, budget, and lifestyle is required when purchasing a Samsung television. The variety of resolutions is often high-quality yet pricey. An overview of the current categories is provided below:

  1. Neo QLED
  2. QLED
  3. Crystal UHD

The Asian company furthermore has a section called Lifestyle that combines Smart TVs, outdoor televisions, and video projectors. The following references may be found there:

  1. a frame
  2. Using Serif
  3. The Terrace The Sero
  4. The Opening

How should I use my Samsung TV?

One of the most popular television brands on the market is this one. One of the sources we use in many of our purchasing recommendations is this one. whether for general usage or in more particular circumstances. All Samsung TVs perform well in movie mode or even while playing games. The cherry on top is that lines like The Frame are made to spruce up your house. Your Samsung TV will always have a function whether it is on or off.

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