Which power supply can sustain the GeForce RTX 4090’s extreme demands?

Nividia’s latest power monster, the GeForce RTX 4090, was made available to the public on October 12 and may be likened to a flagship smartphone in the world of smartphones. Because to this exceptional GPU, the brand is now able to show all that it is capable of. Because of the cost, it is primarily marketed for business users who have frequent need for highly powerful graphics. If this is your situation, you will probably need to purchase a new power supply for your personal computer. Which option should I go with?

GeForce RTX 4090

GeForce RTX 4090

Which Power Supply For The Geforce RTX 4090?

The RTX 4090 has a thermal design power (TDP) of 450 watts, which was revealed by Nvidia. In the course of our investigations, we were able to establish a maximum consumption of 434 W. Even after it was made public, the 4090 and predictions about its future usage were unsettling, but it has mostly been kept under wraps. Therefore, 850 W is the recommended output for the power supply. We strongly suggest that you go with a power supply that has 1000 W rather than 500 W if you value your safety as well as the ability to install a wide variety of components and see results over the long term.

What about those well-known issues with the temperature being too high? A PCIe 5 connection known as the PCI Express 12VHPWR is included on the RTX 4090 so that it may be linked to the power supply. This, which was introduced with the 3000 series, has a total of 16 pins and has the capacity to provide up to 600 W. However, if you use the adapter that is included, you will also be able to connect up to four of the traditional 8-pin PCIe connections. You will need to utilize at least three connections since each eight-pin connector can only carry a maximum of 150 watts.

The PCI Express 12VHPWR was the component that was having problems with overheating; this failure manifested itself for certain users when the cable was bent in a way that brought it too near to the pins. Nvidia, for its part, has provided a set of somewhat lighthearted tips in the hopes of assisting you in better comprehending the possible issue.

Bequiet Straight Power 11 1000 W 80 Plus Gold: Our Recommendation

If you use an RTX 4090, your power consumption will likely be anywhere between 700 and 800 Watts. This is just a suggestion, since it will obviously be determined by the rest of your setup, but it is something to think about. Therefore, it is possible that you might utilize a power supply that is 850 watts. In spite of this, we are of the opinion that it is preferable to err on the side of caution and go with 1000 W.

Bequiet Straight Power 11 1000 W 80 Plus Gold

Bequiet Straight Power 11 1000 W 80 Plus Gold

BeQuiet’s Straight Power 11 1000 W 80 PLUS Gold power supply stands out among other options in the 1000 W category of power supplies.

It has been awarded the 80 PLUS Gold accreditation, and it may provide a return of up to 93%. It is entirely composed of modular parts.

You should be aware that there is also an 80 PLUS Titanium version available, which comes at a little higher price, if you want to enhance your efficiency even more and go to 94%.

Bequiet Dark Power Pro 12 1200w Is The Best Model That Is Currently Available

If you want the most finest, the one with the most watts possible, you’ll have to go for a 1200 W. There are not an overwhelming number of models, but BeQuiet, as always, has the very finest ones. If you want to increase the clock speed of your graphics card, investing in a power supply with 1200 W of capacity will be quite beneficial.

Bequiet Dark Power Pro 12 1200w

Bequiet Dark Power Pro 12 1200w

Nevertheless, the BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 1200 W model is the way to go in the event that you want 1200 W. It is without a doubt the finest example of the German brand.

Because of its very high efficiency, which may reach up to 94.9%, this power supply has been awarded the 80 PLUS Titanium certification. Naturally, it is totally modular, and it has a very low level of noise. It has a casing that is built completely of aluminium and a large ventilation grille, both of which contribute to an efficient removal of air from the housing.

The price of this BeQuiet model is, of course, going to be determined by the fact that it is the premium model.

Important Information Concerning Personal Computer Power Supplies

How To Estimate The Wattage Required For Your Computer Power Supply

In order to compute the amount of power required to run your personal computer, you will need to know the amount of power used by each component. This includes the graphics card, which consumes the most power of any component in a personal computer, as well as the CPU, RAM, motherboard, sound card, solid-state drives (SSDs), fans, and other components.

We strongly suggest that you make use of an online calculator (such as the one offered by BeQuiet ) in order to ensure that you enter all of the appropriate information.

What Does The 80 Plus Certification Correspond To (gold, Titanium, Etc.)?

Every power supply for a personal computer is given a certification called “80 PLUS,” which evaluates its overall electrical performance. A computer power supply, like any other electronic equipment, does, in fact, experience electrical losses both during its input and during its output. However, depending specifically on the performance of the power supply, they might be more or less significant. If a power supply has an efficiency of 90%, which is equivalent to an 80 PLUS Gold certification, and it is required to give 100 Watts to an element, then the power supply will really use 110 Watts. Therefore, a power supply’s energy consumption will be reduced, proportionately, by the degree to which it has a high efficiency (and, therefore, an 80 PLUS certification). Titanium is the highest possible level.

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