Xiaomi Buds 4: affordable active noise-canceling headphones

Xiaomi Buds 4: affordable active noise-canceling headphones

On December 11, Xiaomi unveiled a broad selection of items. The brand’s audio environment is completed with the Buds 4 headphones.

The weekend was hectic for Xiaomi. The producer presented the MIUI 14 user interface together with its new Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro flagships. The company seized the chance to diversify its product lineup with the addition of a Mac mini knockoff and Xiaomi Watch S2 smartphone accessories.

The Xiaomi Buds 4 are brand-new wireless headphones that Xiaomi has recently unveiled. Take caution not to mistake these for the Redmi Buds 4 that the company released in October.

Hi-Res Audio and Noise Cancellation

Xiaomi emphasises compatibility with the new LHDC-V codec, capable of transmitting 24 bit/192 kHz “HiFi” quality and “Hi-Res” music, to advertise the benefits of its new headphones. Additionally incorporated are Bluetooth 5.3 and spatial audio. Active noise cancellation is also included in the data sheet, however Xiaomi does not make any comparisons to other devices in this area. In any case, we’ll have to wait till the testing to learn more about the audio quality.

These headphones resemble Apple’s traditional EarPods or AirPods in appearance since they are marketed without tips and aren’t nearly in-ear.

For this new pair, Xiaomi claims a battery life of 6 hours. They can be recharged in a box with a 24-hour battery life. The latter does not support wireless charging but does support USB-C charging.

These headphones will be sold in China for 699 Yuan, which is around 95 euros before taxes. An official pricing in euros won’t be revealed until the European presentation in a few weeks.

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